After 7 years

After 7 years

This week Iain and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary 🙂 It’s been a truly fantastic seven years, and
it has changed us, the way we do life, and the way we communicate.
Anyone who knows us will know that we are not shy about being expressive and affectionate with each other, and with our daughter. It’s very much part of our family culture to say “I love you” several times a day.
After seven years though, this can mean a lot of different things. The other day, Iain had just finished his shower, and he called out: “Katerina? I love you”. Instantly I knew that meant that he’d noticed I had put his (not properly dry and therefore stinky) towel in the wash, and that he wanted me to get him a new one. I brought him a clean towel, together with the interpretation of his words. He was quite insistant that he only meant to say he loved me. But we both knew what he was thinking. The whole anecdote made me giggle. There’s something about being able to tell exactly what someone is thinking, when the words they use literally mean something different. It’s fun. It’s also very funny. And it’s quite comforting to think you know someone that well.

In any case, “I love you” is a very nice way to say “please get me a towel”.

So what else can “I love you” mean after 7 years? Here a wee list of possibilities, at least in out household.



“I am so excited we get to spend the day together today.”

“I’m just about to tell you something you did that annoyed me but I don’t want to be horrible about it.”

“I’ve just told our kid the opposite of what you’ve told her in a different language…. she’s played us!”

“I’m so grateful you are doing that, so I don’t have to.”

But first thing every morning, and last thing every night, it means exactly what it says. Straightforward. Simple. True. I love you Iain Faulds 🙂







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