Boxing Day Reflections

Boxing Day Reflections

Christmas. Different people celebrate in different ways: decorating trees for some, decorating boats for others. The Swedes put Christmas lights at the windows. The Ausies go for a BBQ at the beach. The Greeks make cooking an art form, and eating a sport. Some celebrate on the 24th, some on the 25th. But one thing is common to all: everyone gives presents.

I’ve been married for 6 years now. In that time, my husband Iain and I, have developed a tradition. We each decide what we want our main present to be, tell each other, buy it ourselves, and put it under the tree. We both get what we want, we are both happy and it’s simple! Especially for me, since Iain is totally into techy gadgets that I do not pretend to understand.

For my own present this year, I decided to go for a used dress from the local British Heart foundation shop. And along side that, a donation to the A21 campaign. A21 do amazing work to help rescue women and children from the horrific nightmare of human sex trafficking.

The average age of a sex trafficking victim is 12 years old.

12 year old daughters, sisters, friends.

The pride and joy of a household , sold into slavery and used as a sex object for financial gain. Sick, right? Beyond sick.

A21 is expanding constantly, but at the moment they have rescue and transit centres in Northern Greece and the Ukraine, Bulgaria and the US. Now I can’t think of something better to do with my Christmas present than play a tiny part in enabling those who help rescue these prescious girls.

In this post-Christmas period, why not rethink your family traditions? What can you do to help? What and who, are you passionate about? Why not use your Christmas money/ time/ talents/ connections, to help someone else?

After all, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. And he was all about others, wasn’t he?

Leah, an A21 volunteer, put it like this:

“We cannot do everything. But everyone can do something.”

Go on… I dare you…

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Katerina Faulds