Make – up relearned: part 2

Make – up relearned: part 2

 So in the last blog post I wrote about wanting to relearn how to do my make – up. I found that my it was not looking right, after the Boots Natural Collection powder I had used for, like, a thousand years, was discontinued. I also found I maybe needed a less full coverage, less matt finish to my make – up, in order to have a more natural look.  It was a great experience to get a one to one tutorial with professional MUA Katie Fine. I found it really fun and very educational. Here is some of my learning:

Matt versus shiny

I very quickly realised that shiny was not a look I was into, at all. I tried a couple of products that had a shiny finish and wasn’t so keen on the look. It wasn’t that it looked bad, it just didn’t look like me. For me make up is about being myself, with a little coquettish flair added in. I realised it’s important to know what finish you want, in order to get started. And important, too, to know what you’re trying to achieve.


This was a new product to me – I had never heard of it before. Much like painting primer, this goes underneath your foundation, in order for it to stay on more effectively. It provides a smooth base for your foundation to go on, and you put it on after moisturising your face. There are loads of primers out there, to try. I went for Benefit’s Porefessional. I really liked the texture of it and the smooth feeling it gave my skin. And putting foundation on after I have applied it is super easy.

A good foundation

A good foundation was the main thing I was looking for. I wanted something that looked natural, not too pasty, and the same colour as my actual skin. I ended up going for Laura Mercier’s Flawless Lumiere, which I really love. It is smooth and silky, and not too pasty at all. It gives me a very natural look, and if I need a bit more coverage I can simply apply a little more of it. The colour is a perfect match, and it goes on that bit easier after applying primer.


I really need to buy a concealer. The bags under my eyes seem inconcealable, and I really see the value of a concealer. For now I’ve bought a cheap one, but that will need to be replaced soon! Any suggestions welcome.


I used to only use bronzer in the height of summer, when I have such a tan that normal make – up looks pale on me. But I was introduced to a different kind of bronzer- one that goes on every day, regardless of the time of year. I have started using a bronzer on my cheeks, forehead and chin, and it helps highlight the natural shape of my face.

Tools make a difference!

Katie and I talked about brushes on my one to one lesson on make-up. She explained how using the right brush can make a difference. I watched her apply eye shadow and blusher with the right sort of brush, and was surprised. I have since bought one or two new brushes and I can tell the difference in how my make -up looks.


After my one to one with Katie, I started visiting the counters myself, looking for what I needed. One lady said to me “this product is very buildable”. By this she meant you can put it on over foundation or under it.

I’ve taken this concept of ‘buildable’ on board.While I was watching Katie do my make – up, I realised she wasn’t afraid to put stuff on top of other stuff, to re-apply eye shadow if it’s gone wrong, to fix eye liner if it’s slightly squint. I could see that to her the make -up was like a work of art, that you could build on, and correct. This made me see applying make up in a new way. I am now much more confident to correct slight mistakes, and put concealer on top of foundation, for example. If I get my blusher wrong, I might correct it slightly with a little foundation, and re-apply.

I’ve enjoyed practising my new make -up routine the last few weeks, and got lots of compliments for it. I feel like I’m proud of my older looking skin now that I’ve found the right products to put on it. I don’t mind my lines and wrinkles, because I am happy with how my new make – up makes me look!

Now feel free to let me know your favourite products, or any ‘nuggets of gold’ advice you may have re make up!

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