Manga deadfish: show productions, baking, and good coordination

Manga deadfish: show productions, baking, and good coordination

I remember the first time Aliyah and Annie had a play date. We were walking on a path at the Meadows (big green space in Edinburgh): girls in front, mums behind. One girl said to the other ” Let’s do a show!” And the other one said “Yaay”. They immediately held hands and skipped on in glee, making plans together and giggling.

Aliyah was five years old at the time, so Annie would have been three and a half or four. It took them a good six months to a year of writing, planning and practicing, but they did it! It was a show of the Disney film ‘Frozen’. Aliyah was Anna and Annie was Elsa. There was a script, based on a sticker book, which they both had and practiced with. There were also costumes, which Aliyah sourced herself. She baked cookies and sold them, and used the money to buy the dresses for herself and Annie, on eBay. The show was performed in Annie’s house in the living room, and it was actually very good.

Since then, Aliyah and Annie have become closer and closer, and they have a special kind of friendship. They seem to not only have fun together, but also to be creative and organised together. They share a love for acting, performing, and the theatre. They like to go to theatre productions together. They’ve also produced puppet shows, in both Greek and English, written Greek poems together, made slime, and visited the Edinburgh international Science festival together several times.

Today, and after two weeks of planning and communicating on their mamas’ phones, they created a Mother’s Day afternoon tea, that was simply top notch. There were scones, cream and jam, gorgeous finger sandwiches with cucumber and smoked salmon, home made sausage rolls, coconut cake, Nutella chocolate macaroons, cookies, and edible bowls made of chocolate!

It was honestly lovely.

They announced a name for their ‘company’ after the tea today. “Manga deadfish”. It’s a production company, that branched out into baking for today’s event.

We are all now used to Aliyah and Annie’s endeavours, but if you stop and think about it, they do remarkably well for a ten and nine year old. Annie’s dad, Iraklis, put it very well today. He said “they coordinate very well together.” This is true and it’s so nice to see. It’s a lovely thing when you find someone you have good coordination with, and that you can plan and achieve with. I love watching them grow in this, and do everything I can to encourage this friendship and partnership. I’m watching out for Manga deadfish, and what they’ll produce, bake, achieve in the future.

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