Plant based kebab: it’s karma

Plant based kebab: it’s karma

It’s Friday night, my husband and I are both exhausted, the kids are away, it is past dinner time, and we hadn’t eaten. We rocked up at the local gourmet pizza bar, and took a few minutes to decide what we were eating. Only when we ordered, they said it was going to be 40 minutes. And that was just too long to wait. We left looking for something else to eat.

I should say, at this point, that for the last few months we have been eating a mostly plant based diet. So our diet has consisted mostly of vegetables, fruit and pulses. For the first wee while we also avoided wheat and sugar. The result was actually rather impressive. We both found we felt healthier, more awake, alert and energetic. A typical breakfast would be sautéed vegetables, lunch is a salad or a baked potato with hummus, or a soup, and dinners have been roast vegetables, vegetable kebabs, lentils, stew or stir fry. A lot of the time I’ve been going back to my roots and cooking Greek vegan food, mostly ‘ladera’ recipes (meaning made with oil). We’ve been eating some lovely food, and feeling all the better for it. And as an added bonus, the weekly shop bill has gone down.

We still have meat, cheese, eggs and dairy but it’s more occasional, and tonight was going to be one of those occasions. But 40 minutes was just too long to wait.

As we walked out of the pizza place and looked around, the word KEBAB caught my eye from across the street. Let’s go there I thought, if we are not having pizza, we can have kebab at least. When we walked in it turned out to be a plant based kebab place, with falafel and something called seitan (a meat replacement made of wheat and spices). At first I wasn’t keen because we had falafel at home last night. But the hassle of finding something else, and having Iain get ‘hangry’ was a scenario I was not keen to deal with. We ordered, we took the food, and we left.

It turns out the kebabs were actually lovely: tasty, satisfying and filling. So whether we liked it or not, plant based was on the cards. ‘Karma kebab’ the place is called. And it seems plant based is our karma just now!

I recommend this little place.

Check it out!

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Katerina Faulds