Primer, highlighter and contouring: make up relearned

Primer, highlighter and contouring: make up relearned

In the last couple of months, I have been thinking about, trying on, and purchasing new make – up, more than I usually would. I have found myself asking everyone I know about their make – up routines, what products/ brands they use, and getting their recommendations. 

I learned to apply and do my make- up from magazines, friends, and playground talk in the 90s, when I was a teenager. I experimented a bit then, as you do, but as a young 20 + year old, I had it down. I’ve been doing pretty much the same thing, with some minor variations, ever since then. More than 20 years later, I guess you could say it was high time for a change. Now I’m generally not a fan of change, as you might know. However, Boots stopped doing the very cheap brand of powder I had been using, and when I tried to find a replacement, I failed miserably at getting the right colour. And while on the subject (of looking at my face and trying to apply coverage and colour to it), I found that my face has also changed considerably since I was 20. (Funny, that!) There are now more lines and wrinkles, and, I guess, living away from the sun for 13 consecutive years has now taken its toll, as it also seems lighter.

That was what prompted my decision to actually seek assistance. The world of make – up has moved on, somewhat, since 1992. There are all these new things out now like highlighter, primer, contouring. These were not familiar words to me. As far as I was concerned primer is something that you put under paint, highlighter is a pen you mark your pages with, and contouring is something on maps. I didn’t really know enough to go to the make – up counters to ask for help. So who could I ask?

In the last year and a bit, I have been fortunate enough to get to know the lovely Katie Fine. Katie is married to a friend of mine from Greece, and she and her family have now moved to Scotland. She also happens to be a professional make – up artist, and an excellent one at that. I knew this, not only because I had seen her work, but also because her own make – up always looks fantastic. It’s always on, but it’s never too much, and it enhances her natural features. Bingo. 

Katie happily agreed to take me round the counters, try different products and take away samples, to the end of re – inventing my make – up routine. It was honestly such a fun experience. And I got so much out of it!

We went round and looked at a few different brands, tried different types of foundations, concealers, eye shadows and blushers. I came away with a lot of little samples, and even more education. I was so happy with the result too. Katie made me up to look fantastic. I was planning to go swimming afterwards, but I changed my mind swiftly, and left my make up on for the evening, and went out for dinner, beaming. 

I have worked, since then, on my new make – up routine. It took a few weeks, and a few purchases to perfect. But right now I am back to being very happy with the colour and coverage I apply to my face. I’m so thankful to my friend for helping me. In the next blog post, I will write more about what I actually learned. In the mean time, and if you need help with make-up, check out Katie’s website here.




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