Scotland the Fat: Apologies for previous random post!

Scotland the Fat: Apologies for previous random post!

I was horrified when my hubby pointed out that I had published a two-sentence post on my blog the other week!
I must apologise. And also explain a little:

I was watching a really interesting documentary about Scotland being the ‘fattest’ country in the world. I was fascinated. Especially because I’ve put in more weight than I care to mention since I moved here. Why ‘Scotland the Fat’?

Some of the reasons presented were as follows:

Diet change
The previously healthy Scottish diet of Scotch broth, porridge, and poached fish, has now been replaced by pizza, pasta and fried fish ‘n’ chips.

Less Activity
Scots’ lives used to be so much more active. They used to work outside more, and walk everywhere. Therefore they could afford to eat more calories. Our lives have become far more inactive these days, with many of us driving, or taking public transport, and also working at desks, and sitting down for long periods of time.

Cost & Time
Unhealthy and fattening food is perceived to be a lot cheaper than healthy options. Plus fewer of us cook our own food these days. No time. Easier to get something processed, and pop it in the oven or the microwave.

So there you go.

Now I’ve always had a passion for food. I love good food. I love ‘bad’ food as well (chocolate, crisps, cakes etc). But the issue for me, here in Scotland, is the weather. It’s so cold and dark in the winter. After being outside I feel I need energy! Carbs! Sweet things! And that would be the same in any country in the winter. But in fairer, warmer climates, the summer follows. You put on one or two kilos in the winter, and lose them off in the summer.
Hot weather + regular outdoor swimming = less appetite + more calorie burning. Voila!

The problem in Scotland is, the summer doesn’t come. No, let me correct that. The summer doesn’t usually come. It must be said that summer this year, was actually fantastic. However that is not the norm. And if the summer months are made up of more rain and cold, the craving for high energy foods continues. So without the hot weather…. my annual weight loss equation does not apply.

Anyway to take you back to the story, I was most interested in all this, so I started blogging about it. I started, but I did not finish. I set a date of publication and thought: “I’ll go back and finish it before then.”

But the old brain has been elsewhere. I forgot! And hence you got the two sentence wonder.

I hope I’ve rectified it, somewhat.

Read my next post to find out what was preoccupying me 🙂

Find out more about the documentary here.

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