Trusted Greek Vegan Recipes: Part 2

Trusted Greek Vegan Recipes: Part 2

Today, I thought I would tell you about another ‘go to’ recipes for plant based eating. It is called Briam.

Like the lentils, it is easy, simple and tasty – my favourite kind of dish! The only slight difference is that I find this takes quite a while to cook, and you need to be around so that you can keep turning the vegetables so that they don’t burn. So I make briam on a day when I’m in the house for a couple of hours in a row. Here it is:

You need:

3 large potatoes

2 aubergines

3 -4 courgettes

3-4 red onions

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

Olive oil

Fresh parsley ( lots of it)

Salt, pepper, a little garlic powder.

You basically slice the vegetables into medium sized round slices. Then you layer them in a large roasting dish. I usually start with potatoes. Once you’ve done a layer, pour some oil over it, season it with the salt, pepper and garlic, pour some of your tomatoes and parsley over it, and put chopped onions on top, before you start the next layer.

Keep layering the veg until you gave bone left. Before you put it in the oven, you can pour an espresso cup of water in it. This will help cook the vegetables without them burning.

Leave in the oven for half an hour and then take out and turn the vegetables so that they cook for both sides. Then put them back in. Repeat this last part a few times until the veg is as cooked as you like it. (I like mine a little crispy round the edges.)

My tips for this dish to be successful are:

Use plenty of oil, onions, and parsley between your layers

Do not be afraid to add more salt at the table. I think it brings out the flavour of the veg.

Also it’s worth noting that you can put any vegetable you want in Briam. If you have something in the kitchen you need to use up, just chop it and pop it in your dish. It will work!

Once it’s ready, the perfect accompaniment to Briam is Feta cheese. But of course if you have that, it ceases to be vegan.

Try it out either way, and enjoy!

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Katerina Faulds